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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Things She Can't Live Without- Jean's Eight

Hi everyone! This is Jean. Jean, meet everyone.This is Jean's list of eight of the things she can't live without. 1. My iphone - being a technophobe, I never imagined I could fall in love with a cell phone, but I have. It is quite magical. 2. My cheater glasses - I always took my excellent vision for granted, proud not to need reading glasses and go into a panic mode when i can't find my "cheaters". (The other Scouts can vouch for this.) 3. Brooks - I trained for and completed a marathon in these babies without a single blister. I will never wear another athletic shoe. 4. Red wine - for medicinal purposes only...keeps my cholesterol levels healthy! 5. Tervis Tumbler - okay, since Dana already mentioned coffee, I'll mention my favorite coffee receptacle. It keeps my joe nice and hot! 6. Friends and family - can't have a list like this without them (in no particular order)! 7. Alan - my hair stylist extraordinaire! Good hair = Good life (Scout Debbie agrees with this one! We love Alan & and our friends at Square One!) 8. ??? - always have a surprise on the ready; keeps 'em guessing and keeps me young! (er..youngish)

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