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The Scouts share what's inspiring them at the moment, along with what's going on in the studio.


Friday, April 30, 2010

Red Table Top Design Gala- ARC Ohio

Well, as promised, here are photos of our completed table top for the Red Table Top Design Gala held last weekend at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds Roundhouse to benefit Aids Resource Center Ohio. The fundraiser topped $370,000!
Our theme was "Alice in Wonderland". Jean really researched the book and came up with every possible aspect to create an exciting table design. Everyone is familiar with the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.
The black rabbit is the March Hare.We didn't realize how top heavy our centerpiece would be. It was a little precarious, but held it's own throughout the event.Did you know there were lobsters and hedgehogs in the story?We created chair tags for each place by overlaying a copy of the original drawing on a copy of a page of the book. Don't you want to be the Cheshire Cat?Here's Jean working hard putting our table design together.The vintage alarm clocks are from Jean's collection. Don't they add a charming dimension to the table? This pretty much sums it up for Vintage Scout- "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad." If we weren't, I don't think we'd still be here. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scout Debbie's Eight Must-Haves

Last, but not least, in the highly anticipated Scout series of Eight Things We Can't Live Without is Debbie.

1. Cucina soap- I first fell in love with Cucina when I was visiting my sister and I thought my brother-in-law had gotten a new cologne. That’s how good it smells!

2. GPS- driving to clients’ houses and scouting for treasures- I can’t live without it.

3. Matelasse coverlets- almost every bed in my house has one. They are the greatest because you can wash them and put them straight back on the bed. And they go with everything.

4. Red Wine & Dark Chocolate- Give me these and I'm in hog heaven.

5. Things passed down from my GG- my most treasured possessions are those things given to me by my maternal grandmother, a style icon. 6. Silver hoop earrings- I guess you could call these part of my uniform.

7. Garden Stool- this is probably one of the greatest pieces of furniture ever created. Mine is next to my le Corbusier until I need it somewhere else- the porch, extra seating, parties, whatever. So versatile.

8. My sissy- my sister is the biggest fan of my design and has been so supportive. Plus, she gives me free reign in her house! Look for pics of her new living room soon.

Friday, April 23, 2010

red- Table Design Gala 2010

It is a bit quiet here in the studio this Friday afternoon. Jean and Dana are out getting ready to install our table top design for the big party this weekend- the 2010 red Table Design Gala. This event benefits the AIDS Resource Center Ohio; and can you believe it; it was sold out even before the invitations were sent!
Its a big mystery as to how the Scouts' design process evolves. Often times we ourselves don't even comprehend the genius process (tongue in cheek). We started out creating our table based on the poetry of Langston Hughes, only to end up with...Alice in Wonderland! Seriously though, as with most of our projects, we begin creating a montage of what we think might work in the design. It's amazing once you toss it all together, you can really tell what is going to work and what needs to go bye-bye. We thought you might enjoy this peek into what our table will look like. We'll post more photos next week after the event. If you'd like more information on this worthy fundraiser, go to www.arcohio.org

Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to Tour a Showhouse

The Scouts have been working on pulling together all the pieces of the design we are creating for the Master Bedroom of the 2010 Dayton Philharmonic Designer Showhouse. We love participating in this event and really enjoy meeting and talking to all the visitors. This morning BluLabel Bungalow shared some ideas on how to get the most out of touring a showhouse when you can't take photographs. Check out her blog here: BluLabel Bungalow
PS: Are you intrigued by our collage? Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and insights on our space.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Things She Can't Live Without- Jean's Eight

Hi everyone! This is Jean. Jean, meet everyone.This is Jean's list of eight of the things she can't live without. 1. My iphone - being a technophobe, I never imagined I could fall in love with a cell phone, but I have. It is quite magical. 2. My cheater glasses - I always took my excellent vision for granted, proud not to need reading glasses and go into a panic mode when i can't find my "cheaters". (The other Scouts can vouch for this.) 3. Brooks - I trained for and completed a marathon in these babies without a single blister. I will never wear another athletic shoe. 4. Red wine - for medicinal purposes only...keeps my cholesterol levels healthy! 5. Tervis Tumbler - okay, since Dana already mentioned coffee, I'll mention my favorite coffee receptacle. It keeps my joe nice and hot! 6. Friends and family - can't have a list like this without them (in no particular order)! 7. Alan - my hair stylist extraordinaire! Good hair = Good life (Scout Debbie agrees with this one! We love Alan & and our friends at Square One!) 8. ??? - always have a surprise on the ready; keeps 'em guessing and keeps me young! (er..youngish)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Design Inspiration

Having lived without all the extras in my house during the kitchen reno, I became complacent and accustomed to the minimalist look. What was I thinking? After all, it was only few days ago that Jean said, "More is more, right?" So this morning I became inspired and started reintroducing my treasures to my home and redecorating. The first things I went to unpack were my "coffee table" books (remember the Seinfeld episode? hee hee). Seriously though, I missed them and how they inspire me; whether I'm perusing through them or just looking at them beautifully stacked. Some of the Scouts' favorite and most inspiring books: