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Friday, April 23, 2010

red- Table Design Gala 2010

It is a bit quiet here in the studio this Friday afternoon. Jean and Dana are out getting ready to install our table top design for the big party this weekend- the 2010 red Table Design Gala. This event benefits the AIDS Resource Center Ohio; and can you believe it; it was sold out even before the invitations were sent!
Its a big mystery as to how the Scouts' design process evolves. Often times we ourselves don't even comprehend the genius process (tongue in cheek). We started out creating our table based on the poetry of Langston Hughes, only to end up with...Alice in Wonderland! Seriously though, as with most of our projects, we begin creating a montage of what we think might work in the design. It's amazing once you toss it all together, you can really tell what is going to work and what needs to go bye-bye. We thought you might enjoy this peek into what our table will look like. We'll post more photos next week after the event. If you'd like more information on this worthy fundraiser, go to www.arcohio.org

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