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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Golden Globe Interiors

I love being an interior designer, but my dream job would have to be a member of the Fashion Police. If you follow me on Twitter, you got my play by play commentary on the Golden Globes . Well, unfortunately, E! is not calling me and I have no choice but to go back the studio and continue designing beautiful spaces for my clients. ‘sigh’- picture some Scarlett O’Hara drama here. So in an effort to indulge my passion for critiquing red carpet looks, yet still stay within my realm of expertise, I will attempt to associate them with an interior design do or don’t.
A big trend of the night was emerald. I say don’t follow this yellow brick road. Emerald reminds me too much of forest green- a favorite of the Waverly trend. Here in Ohio we still have clients who have this color along with some navy and burgundy in their houses and want to keep it. Yes, seriously. So the last thing I want to see is this color when I don’t have to. The Scouts have a wonderful green we use called “Happy Camper”. At first I was on the fence about Anne Hathaway’s dress. But then I decided it reminded me of a decadent lighting fixture. Here’s just a little eye candy for you. If “Horders” were a dress: This is a room that’s not quite finished. Needs accessories. Accessories are the jewelry of a space. If I had to pick a red carpet look from the 2011 Golden Globes that captured the look of my perfect room it would be this: Clean, tailored, classic, and elegant, but still young and fresh.
I could go on and on. There were looks I loved and those where I would be screaming to the stylist “Off with your head!” Seriously though, your closet is a great place to start for inspiration for your interior design. Look for colors that stand out. Do you go for trends or are most pieces in your wardrobe classics? Answers to these questions are great leads if you are looking for ideas to freshen your home. Or as always, you can contact us here at the Studio. If you’re in the Dayton/Cinci/Columbus area, we’re happy to schedule a consultation. Not in Ohio? Send us an email and we can work with you virtually to help you find the look for you.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Here's One For You

How many designers at Vintage Scout does it take to screw in a light bulb to a new light fixture from Ralph Lauren? All of us! And we can't wait... For information or to purchase, please call the Studio at 937.312.9461 or email at info@vintagescout.com