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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scout Debbie's Eight Must-Haves

Last, but not least, in the highly anticipated Scout series of Eight Things We Can't Live Without is Debbie.

1. Cucina soap- I first fell in love with Cucina when I was visiting my sister and I thought my brother-in-law had gotten a new cologne. That’s how good it smells!

2. GPS- driving to clients’ houses and scouting for treasures- I can’t live without it.

3. Matelasse coverlets- almost every bed in my house has one. They are the greatest because you can wash them and put them straight back on the bed. And they go with everything.

4. Red Wine & Dark Chocolate- Give me these and I'm in hog heaven.

5. Things passed down from my GG- my most treasured possessions are those things given to me by my maternal grandmother, a style icon. 6. Silver hoop earrings- I guess you could call these part of my uniform.

7. Garden Stool- this is probably one of the greatest pieces of furniture ever created. Mine is next to my le Corbusier until I need it somewhere else- the porch, extra seating, parties, whatever. So versatile.

8. My sissy- my sister is the biggest fan of my design and has been so supportive. Plus, she gives me free reign in her house! Look for pics of her new living room soon.

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