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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Robin's Eight Essentials

Next Scout up in our series of the Eight Things We Can't Live Without is Robin. Some of you may know, Robin was our New Mexico Scout, but a few life changes later, we are thrilled to have our girl here in Dayton, home with the other Scouts.

1. Vanilla Lattes with REAL Milk ... no soy or reduced fat for this girl. 2. LBD: Little Black Dress. Need I say more? 3. A Great Novel. 4. My Interior Design Magazines. Yes, they are righteous clutter and are never to be thrown out! 5. My Chi Straightening Iron. Good-bye wavy hair and hello to the chic and sleek 'do. 6. My Fabric Collections. Even if they stay neatly folded in the closet, they are still inspiration and works of art in themselves. 7. My Vintage Paintings. I scour flea markets and thrift markets for floral paintings, and ... surprise ... I collect bird prints as well. 8. My Daily Workouts. Long walks, Pilates, aerobics, you name it ... it's all about de-stressing and keeping that girlish figure!

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