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Monday, October 10, 2011

Where have those Scouts been?

Well, where do we start? There's been so much going on at Vintage Scout since spring. I guess we should start filling you in and maybe we can get caught back up.

Last Spring, the Scouts decided to freshen up a few things. We felt our signage and logo needed to reflect our style and joie de vive a little better, so we called our girls at Pink Ink Design Group, to help us out. We didn't want to lose our original brand and concept, so we just made a few changes.

Our old logo:

Our new logo:
Our old tagline:

Our new tagline:
What do you think? We felt the old logo and tagline were a little traditional than we were. We're all about the MIX!

There's been so much going on with us, I think I'll share in several posts as not to bore you. We've missed sharing with you out there in the blogosphere. On that note though, yesterday I finally got caught up on reading all my favorite blogs. The Scouts rely on the inspiration and camaraderie of the designers and home enthusiasts who blog to help us stay in touch with our own creativity and what's going on in the design world. So hats off to ya!

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