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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day Two- High Point Market

Another fun, successful day, exploring at market. So far, I think this is my favorite find. Acrylic antlers. Hot, hot, hot!

We had a little mini love affair at Bobo. Check out this dining table. Also available in round.

Planters from reclaimed wood, again from Bobo.

We are racking our brains where we can place this sconce from Bobo. It is amazing.

This is the kind of taxidermy Dana approves of. We love the bull. Once again, Bobo.

We found a great new source for some nice priced chandys and tables. 

We noticed a trend toward deep seating. Seems every new chair or sofa sat a little deep for shorties like us. Hi Edith Ann!

Removable and repositional temporary wallpaper. Perfect for apartments or those of you afraid to commit.

Lots of antiques to look at here. This vintage train seat was really fun.

As soon as we post this, we hop the shuttle for another day of discovery. We come back to the hotel each night completely exhausted, but there is so much to say about the inspiration we draw just from being here. We're excited to get back to the Store and start designing! Stay tuned...

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The enchanted home said...

Whoa tons of pretty here, was supposed to go, but am enjoying all the great posts on High Point. Am in love with those reclaimed wood planters, fabuloso!