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Friday, May 6, 2011


We hope we didn't catch anyone off guard with the sign on our door this morning; we were out Scouting! We got a lead from a fun new client about a barn sale about an hour and a half from here, so we decided to go check it out.So glad we did; there were tons of great finds for the Shop. And our bonus: We drove right past one of our guilty pleasures- Der Dutchman Restaurant. Yum... broasted chicken! Sorry we had to tempt you with that.

Back to the sneak peek of some of the things you'll see back at shop. A set of three photographs featuring vintage airplanes. We'll probably send them out for reframing- Scout Style!

Darling little painted tray. Pair of seriously hot creamware lamps. Gotta find some shades for these babies, and when we do, they will not be in the shop long. Gorgeous!
Set of great books- Seeing Europe With Famous Authors. Don't let the little dent in the corner scare you away. This set is perfect for filling a bookshelf; a very pretty bluish-gray. We picked up several other books as well.
Cute cake plate. Light aqua colored depression glass. Call dibs on it now.
And there is more! We apologize if any of you stopped by this morning to find us gone, but we promise, you will not be disappointed with our finds. If you are interested in any of our finds, send us an email at info@vintagescout.com. We'll even be happy to arrange shipping if you don't live in the Dayton/Cinci/Columbus area.

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Dina said...

What a cute cake plate! I've never seen one in that pretty color!