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Monday, December 20, 2010

Staying Inspired

It's been almost two years since I first walked in to the lobby of the Gramercy Park Hotel. We were at the NYC Gift Show and our friend, Fifi, wanted to share some of New York's finest design with us.The first thing that struck me was all the amazing art. That should come as no surprise, as Julian Schnabel designed the interiors with Ian Schrager, the master of boutique hotels. Pieces by Schnabel, Warhol, Haring and more are predominantly displayed throughout the public areas of the hotel. A super treat to see works in an environment like this.The sawtooth shark chandelier in the Rose Bar was nothing short of completely cool. The vibe was medieval, yet felt like an exclusive men's club. It was almost a little pompous, although that was probably intentional. Then toss in a Moroccan influence and you have combination that no one would think would work, but is flawlessly pulled off. The unabashed mix of rich, bold colors combined with luxurious finishes is a treat for any designer to experience. Fuse that with the storied history of the hotel and the total package is an intriguing feast to behold. While goofing around with a suit of armor in the lobby, a gentleman chuckled at us. Fifi, not one to be belittled, gave him a look that only Fifi can. He stopped to talk to us and it turned out he was the former owner of the hotel, Steven Weissberg. He talked to us about his family, so candidly that we hardly believed him until we googled it. Read all about it here- NYMagazine
Maybe the Scouts will one day be lucky enough to stay at GPH. Until then, we'll take away inspiration for it's blend of styles, colors, and over-the-top furnishings. Have you ever stayed there? If so, let us know how your experience was.

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autumn said...

you are so right about the art in the lobby! i think what makes it even more stunning is the incredible lighting! the entire space is really fun and sophisticated, and i LOVE the checkerboard floors...