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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Simply Charming

After months of hearing about what a great fit it would be with our store from friends Molly Cross, owner of bobbi jordan, and Christine Price, owner of LaDeDa~ le salon, we are "CHARMED" to finally have jewelry in the studio from talented designer, Tracy Janess. Tracy and her sister have a company which they call "A Charmed Life". The two of them rework vintage baubles in to delightful bracelets and necklaces. Tracy told us the inspiration came from her charm bracelet which she's had since childhood, and her passion for vintage jewelry. We think the two blend together perfectly!
This bracelet features a cameo locket. The bracelet on this piece is actually vintage also. The next one has two darling miniature portrait charms.

Select pieces are available in the studio now with more to come. Prices range from $25 to $75. You won't want to miss out on owning your own unique piece of jewelry. They make great gifts for girlfriends or tell your significant other to stop by for your Valentine's Day present.

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