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Monday, January 25, 2010

I-kat, You-kat, we all scream for ikat

One of the trends that the interiors markets are predicting this season is a lean toward ethnic-inspired accessories and prints. How ironic to call that a trend when those are some of the oldest fabrics in the world. However, the Scouts love ikat fabric and it is a TRUE classic. The word “ikat” stems from the Malaysian word meaning “to bind” and the designs are created by resist-dying the threads (usually the weft, or crosswise threads) before they are woven.

This is our fashionable "Scooby" chair (in studio now and available)- a moderately sized wing back, perfect in most any room. We could see it in an office, corner of a master bedroom, or obviously a fabulous living room. Do notice the oversized nailhead accent at the bottom- amazing!

Madeline Weinrib produces some of the most beautiful ikats in the world.
These are some super stunning ones from Kravet.

Come browse through our large collection of fabric books for the perfect print for your home. What a great way to update for spring.

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