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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Easiest Pet Ever

These ancient Chinese creatures are so classic, so traditional, yet SO fun and modern! Actually, a foo dog looks like a lion and they were commonly placed at entrances to temples, homes and businesses to chase away evil spirits. The pair consists of a male, playing with a ball symbolizing the earth, and a female playing with a cub.
We love them here in this bright blue, but we've seen them in many different glazes. Use them as bookends or pair them on a sideboard like you might Staffordshire dogs.
Let us order you a pair of lamps for your bedside tables, like these Barbara Cosgrove beauties. Interested in something antique? Ebay even has some that are centuries old. So have some fun, welcome good chi to your home as well as a little Chinese tradition... get yourself a carefree pet; a pair of foo dogs.

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