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Monday, July 11, 2011

Hot wallpapers for a hot day

There seemes to be a lot of talk about wallpaper coming back in vogue. Well, the Scouts say it never went out of style!

Funny, I was in the middle of composing this post and I got a tweet about Jonathan Adler's new wallpaper line featured in the newest issue of Lonny. See it here. I have to say, they're very bold- would you expect less from Mr. Adler? I approve.

We were recently visited by our Osborne & Little rep and ordered some of their wallpaper memos. I am in L-O-V-E with their wallpaper. Here are some of my favorites:


I almost feel cliche saying this Nina Campbell Aquarium paper would be great at a beach home, but it would! Its not your everyday expected fish.

Best In Show

Best in Show, and I'm not talking the hilarious movie. There is nothing funny about this amazing wallpaper. I know it's made the blogosphere rounds and for good reason. Comes in several colorways and now unflocked as well as flocked.



I have a collection of silhouettes given to me by my Grandmother, so I have an affinity for this O&L paper. Its based on 18th century cameos and named after the forest and ruined palace in Wiltshire. Added bonus: the cameos are flocked!


Dryden is an updated and modern damask print. Don't you love the green? This paper has coordinating fabrics.


Du Barry

Must have a good trellis pattern to fall back on. The details say it is washable; I'll take it!

Am I crazy or what, but I am seriously considering Laguna for my house! I have the memo hanging in my foyer. Its a happy paper and with a pattern like that, no need to hang anything else on the wall.

Summer Palace

Where wouldn't this Chinoiserie inspired paper look good? It reminds me of a Spode china pattern. It is from one of Osborne & Little's earliest collections of hand prints.

Wilde Chrysanthemum

Trailing chrysanthemums are surface printed on this paper in vivid colorways. This is your paper if you want to make a statement. I see an amazing living room with this in its future. Is it yours? The Scouts can make it happen for you.

Swan Lake
Another Nina Campbell paper, this one appropriately entitled Swan Lake. This one would be stunning in a dining room!


Jonathan Adler mentioned he thought powder rooms were great places for "wallpaper virgins" to start. I have to agree and I think this koi print fits the bill. I love the names of some of these papers. This one is named after a river in West Cumbria, UK. 
Do you have wallpaper in your home or are you one of those who has spent hours stripping outdated cheap paper only to swear you'll never have wallpaper in another house? Would you ever hang a bold paper in your foyer? Tell us about your wallpaper adventures; we want to know. 

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Anonymous said...

Good quality wallpaper makes all the difference. I could see using any of these wonderful prints.