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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wine (Whine?) and Design

The Scouts have coined the term "wine and design", an evening dedicated to friendship and fresh ideas, where we all convene at one of our homes for uninhibited design inspiration and brainstorming. The wine and the creative juices both flow oh-so-freely, as we tackle difficult design dilemmas plaguing each of us. You all know the saying "the cobbler's kids don't wear shoes", right? Well, as designers, we are often so busy helping our clients, we neglect keeping our own homes on the cutting edge of interior design, and eventually one of us will whine about it. That's when a night of "wine and design" is called to order...whining not allowed. Good things always transpire during these sessions, and while the hostess (the one who was whining to begin with) benefits from a new outlook on her home, the other Scouts enjoy the chance to be collectively creative (and enjoy their favorite wine and hopefully a whine-free work environment...at least for awhile).
Enjoy some more literal interpretations of "wine and design" and let us know your thoughts:
This tablescape is beautifully executed and the clear bottles allow for good views and conversation with the dinner mate across from you. I love the different candle heights too!
Above: Elle Decor photo via Happy Mundane.
Yet another way to use a wine bottle as a candle holder...cut down to size:
Above: Design Sponge photo Or as beautiful vases... Green Wine Bottles Above photo from Green Wine Bottles by David Guilfoose "Wine and Design" always has a good end-result, whether we simply polish off a perfect Pinot Noir or perfect a pleasing color palette (or both). Cheers! And lastly, a favorite quote:
"What contemptible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch?"
- W.C. Fields

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