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Monday, February 28, 2011

Remember us?

Hi. Wow. Yes, it's been awhile. I can't believe our last blog post was about Valentine's Day. Imagine us with our fingers in the shape of an "L" on our forehead.
I can't promise you it won't happen again. But here's what we can do... how about three other ways to keep up with what the Scouts are doing?
You can hardly call us Social Media Mavens, but we do our best. We've got a little presence on the two big sites, plus another one you're gonna love.
Almost everyone these days is on Facebook, and the Scouts are no exception. Our FB page is the best place to find out on a day-to-day basis what's up at the Studio. Your bonus for "liking" us on Facebook- impromtu specials only advertised on Facebook. So scoot on over to our page, like us, and pretty soon there'll be something in it for you.
Technically, all the Scouts have Twitter pages. Some tweet more than others, so we'll link you to one and you can go from there. Twitter is a way to get to know the Scouts on a more personal level. Many of our tweets are about design, but here and there you'll get those other tidbits about random things we like or want to rant about.
Our newest online passion is Pinterest. Have you all heard about it? If not, get on the bandwagon- it's awesome! Pinterest is a place to collect all those inspiration photos you love, but don't know how to keep track of them. Kinda like a virtual bulletin board. Currently, Pinterest is by invitation only, so if you'd like an invite, comment that you would on our FB page, and we'll send one off to you. Scouts Dana and Debbie currently have Pinterest boards and we'd love if you'd follow us.

And we'll try to be better about blogging more often. Trust me, we've got good intentions; enough to pave a road to somewhere. While we're at it about blogging, what would you like to see us blog about? Projects we're working on? Stuff in the Studio? Topics other than design? Let us know.

Fondly, Your Friends, The Scouts.


The enchanted home said...

Thanks sooo much for stopping by yesterady and your kind comments! Hope you will come back....I am following you too. Have a great night:)

Blayne Beacham said...

ooohhhh.... I will now become your facebook fan!

Debbie@Vintage Scout Interiors said...

We love both your blogs! Thanks for following us!