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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I think I'll Pass

Every time we go to a flea market, we usually pick up on a "the theme of the day". Now most of the time the theme is something good; like we'll see travel related items or lots of mirrors, -something we notice as a trend. However, on a recent scouting venture, the trend was a bit odd- actually, more than a bit odd. These are the things from that trip that really made us go "hmmmm".
Yes, this photo is evidence the Scouts got up early for this flea market; it's still dark outside. So it was a little scary when the first vendor we see has this crazy mannequin. Great place for the price sticker on her cheek.
I googled Linda Sengpiel. She really is the self-proclaimed First Lady of Yo. Does Ronald McDonald really need riot gear?
A lovely homemade etigere, complete with fake pigeons that have landed on it.
Love this track trophy. Need I give it a description? And secretly I really wanted it.
No, this isn't Jean's new cell phone. Someone's idea of combining Asian and French design. Maybe we should have gotten this for the shop phone?
World's biggest and freakiest Colonel Sanders wannabe puppet.
We usually love taxidermy, but these guys were odd. We first saw the little raccoon with the bucket and soon realized he was bummed he missed the boat.
Maybe they were just trying to get away from the freaky dead something below.
Taxidermy is an art when done properly, and so sad and scary when it's not.
No idea what this giant head cup thing is. Maybe it's for time outs. Note to self: be good.
Speaking of time outs. Time out dolls. Some lady really liked them when I was shooting this pic. I wonder if she bought them.
Another freaky mannequin.
No comment.
Really? This would be perfect in a haunted house. I hope we didn't scare you too much. We promise the things we came back with were much better. Stop by and see some of our cool vintage finds or check out our Etsy shop where we list some of them as well.


LucyB said...

This is the perfect blog for the Halloween season. These items are all appropriately disturbing! Thanks for sharing your ghoulish finds.

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Thanks for the laugh...you came across some creepy stuff!