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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cute Shops in the Chicago 'burbs

One of my favorite things about going out of town is checking out the cute local shops and boutiques. When I visit my sister in Chicago, I always like to see what's new at Vintage Charm.
This darling store is located in the western suburb of LaGrange. It reminds me of a cross between our shop and Anthropologie.Bekah and all the girls working there were so sweet and helpful. I bought a cute baby shower gift and a fabulous necklace for myself.
I mentioned in my last blog about going to Oak Park. Kristin, what took you so long to take me there? Love this part of Chicago! We stopped in Fly-Bird and let me tell you, from the minute we walked in, we were either laughing out loud or hollering at each other "Look at this!" She carries a lot of local artisans.She had the most hilarious cards and I got a little housewarming gift for my baby boy when he moves into his first apartment this fall. (He and his roomie are allowing me to decorate!) Just a hint:
My sister bought some cute folk art and they had some great baby items as well. I will definitely stop back in this great shop. Check out their respective websites at http://vintagecharmlagrange.com/ and http://www.fly-bird.net/. Make sure you take time to support local businesses like these (and of course Vintage Scout).

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