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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ten in '10

The Scouts have come up with their list of ten must-haves for your home in 2010. 1. Wonderful Bedding- make your bed each and every day. Your mother was right. 2. Good lighting- not the Target kind.3. Always have olives on hand for Beer-tinis and Martinis.
4. Great smelling quality candles; no "Gla-de".5. Atleast one piece of heirloom furniture.6. Original art; it's worth the investment. Even better when you support local artists. 7. Good wine glasses. The bigger the better.8. Washable Linen! Slipcovers none-the-less!9. Vintage Silver serving pieces .10. Most important of all in a happy home- a sense of humor! See you in 2010! Lots of Love~ The Scouts

1 comment:

Ellen said...

A sense of humor! Yes! that is the only thing that helped in 2009...smiles.