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Friday, October 2, 2009

A "Jazzy" Piece of Furniture

The Scouts visited the Garden District of New Orleans just weeks before the horrific force of Hurricane Katrina struck the area. They loved the city and its myriad of restaurants, antiques, boutiques, museums and friendly residents.
A set of cherry corner cabinets from the Coleman (of the Coleman camping gear) mansion was one of the Scouts’ purchases. The two early 20th century cabinets measure 9 1/2' tall and deserve a home that is worthy of their noble stature. The accompanying crown trim is included as well. They would be smashing in a dining room, kitchen, office, or even a bedroom suite. If you are interested in having an elegant remnant of The Big Easy in your home, contact the Scouts at 937.312.9461 or info@vintagescout.com

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