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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flea Market Fun

Being at the flea market last weekend brought back so many childhood memories. I adored when my grandmother would take me antiquing with her and can remember walking around the original Lakewood Antiques Fair in Atlanta helping her hunt for the many beautiful pieces she collected.
The original flea market is rumored to be the long established Marché aux puces, or the “Market with fleas”, in the northern suburbs of Paris. Origins of the term vary; either the people were so busy they looked as if they were hopping like fleas, or, quite possibly the vendors, shoppers and the goods had fleas. Regardless, today’s flea markets can be fun entertainment and sources for all kinds of treasures. It’s one bug you won’t mind being bitten by.
Scouting for unique pieces is a passion of ours, one of the things we all have in common, and the idea behind our name, Vintage Scout. As a matter of fact, to celebrate our anniversary each year we hold our very own “French Flea Market”. This September 19th, the Scouts will take a cue from our Parisienne friends and put our wares outside under tent for a charming day of sales, inspired design, and refreshments. You won’t want to miss it! Email us at info@vintagescout.com to be added to the invitation list for this event and all the other Scout fun and sales.

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